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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions (User Terms) apply to your visit and use of our website liveBiking.in (the Website), the Service , as well as to all information, recommendations and/or services provided to you on or through the Website, the Service and the Application as per the Provisions of Information Technology Act, 2000 as amended by Information Technology (Amendment) Act of 2008.


LiveBiking, Owner of the Website and the Application is a Registered Company, Registered at Bangalore under Ministry of Corporate Affairs of India under The Companies Act, 2013 with Company Registration Number ________ (livebiking) and operating at Livebiking Pvt. Ltd., , Hongasandra, Garebhavipalya, Bangalore - 560068, Karnataka, India.


LiveBiking offers information and a technology based means of servicing and repairing of Bikes at User's doorstep 24/7 through web and app services by third party Garages in the most easy and convenient way. The online order or booking for our services can be done in our website or application. All services provided by LiveBiking to you by means of your use of the Website or the Application are hereafter referred to as the Services

User Contract

By using the Website, Application or the Service, you enter into a contract with LiveBiking (the Contract). In order to be able to use the Website, Application or Service, you first need to sign up with LiveBiking. When signing up, you are obligated to provide LiveBiking with your personal information, gender, address and mobile telephone number. Upon successful completion of your signing up with LiveBiking, LiveBiking will provide you with a personal account, accessible for you with a password of your choice in both the Website and the Application.

You must have a valid Driving License and Registration Papers for the Bike you wish to do servicing or repairing by our Services to enter into the binding contract. If you don't fall into our jurisdiction, you must not register with our service or use our services.


Currently we have 3 booking modes to use 3 categories of services provided by LiveBiking:

  • Regular Servicing:Live Biking would accept user requests for Regular Servicing of motorbikes in authorised service centers only. We would send our team to Verify documents first, collect the bike, service it and deliver it back. The time frame would not be limited and it would take around 6-7 hours for the same.
  • Major Replacement and Repair:Same as Regular Servicing.
  • Emergency Repair:Live Biking would accept requests for emergency repair services from its users. This is a limited time frame activity. On receiving the request from the user, we would redirect the order to the nearest garage around the user. The garage owner would send his workman to the user's location and estimate the total bill and upon agreement by both the parties, the repair work would commence.


You have every right to cancel your booking, but you have to do it immediately through our website, app or call us (prefered) before the appointed Technician is on his way.

For Regular Servicing and Major Replacement and Repair you are eligible to cancel within 15 minutes of your booking and in case of Emergency Repair you can do so within 5 minutes of your booking to better facilitate the service to you.

If you cancel your order within these time frames, there will be no cancellation fee, but if you do so after that, you are entitled to pay our Technician Rs 50/- for his travel and time.

Livebiking will have no obligations or say in the matters of your Booking or Cancellation. It will be solely your responsibility and you have to deal with this matter with our partner only.