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General Servicing

Engine oil & fluids

Engine and Engine oil are the heart and blood of your motorbike. It’s advised to change engine oil in every 2000-2500 Kms or 3-4 months whichever is earlier.

Engine oil check and replacement (labor only) Brake oil check and replacement (labor only)
Inspection and Cleaning of Fuel Line Coolant oil check and replacement (labor only)
Battery Top-Up  

Greasing & Lubrication

Chain lubrication Greasing of Front and rear wheel axle
Lubrication of control cables Greasing of Brake pedal pivot
Lubrication of swinging and pivot Parts Greasing of Brake and clutch Lever
Clutch wire Servicing Greasing of chain

Electricals & switches

Checking of electrical parts of the bike like horn, indicators, headlight, tail, pass and parking light
Battery voltage check and recharge (extra)
Speedometer and Fuel meter check
Self-start check
You need to do the General Servicing of your bike in every 2-3months or 2000KM
* Price: 369/-(Below 200cc)
* Price: 499/-(Above 200cc)
* Duration: 1hr - 1hr 15mins