What is Livebiking ?

Livebiking is an Opportunity for the Technicians, a Solution for the Bikers and an Amendment against the Monopoly in the Disorganized Automobile Service Industry.

An Opportunity for the Technicians :

Earn great money with the same skills as a Livebiking Technician. Learn How

A Solution for the Bikers :

Getting ready for a Trip, Regular bike servicing, Emergency breakdown assistance or Customized Servicing (Choose the exact repair categories for your current bike needs and pay just for that): Livebiking is your one stop destination for all your motorbike servicing needs. Learn How

An Amendment against the Monopoly in the disorganized automobile service industry :

Remember when you first got your bike. The look, the speed, the sound and the pickup made you fall in Love with it. You shared all your priceless moments on it, be it with your kids, friends, life partner or girlfriend. If you are a thrillophilic and tripoholic, then you saw new worlds and met new people on it. But as time passed, your bike started showing problems, stopping in between rides and lost the pickup, speed and sound. What went wrong? You did your part, in fact more than that in terms of expense and time.

Our fight is against this Wrong in the disorganized automobile service industry :

  • No Transparency in Price
  • Substandard Quality of Service
  • No transparency in Billing (They don't tell you the price of every minute repair category)
  • Use of Duplicate Spares, even no use of Spares at all, but put charge for the same
  • No Guaranty in service
  • No Estimated Time
  • False Promises and Assurances

We came to Bangalore as Bike enthusiasts and adventurous bunch of friends and struck with this problem and then Livebiking came to our minds. We have the empathy for you. If you feel the same, join our fight by dropping a line at customercare@livebiking.in